Commercial Plumbing Pipe

A well-designed plumbing infrastructure is key to carrying fluids around your property at your commercial or industrial facility. The commercial plumbing pipes needed to transport these liquids to keep your building functional aren't readily available just anywhere, though. That's where our store, Pump, Pipe, Sales & Service (PSI, Inc.) in Greensboro, NC, can help. We're the leading distributor of commercial plumbing supplies in the Greater Piedmont Triad area and are eager to serve your pipe and supply needs.

Why Commercial Plumbing Contractors Seek Us Out

During our nearly four decades as an independently-owned commercial plumbing pipes distributor in the Greensboro metro area, we've had the pleasure of working with professional plumbers, working on projects of varying scales.

Plumbers we've helped have needed commercial plumbing supplies for planned new plumbing and repiping projects. Our shop has also been of assistance to local plumbers when they've found themselves searching for commercial pipe & supply near me in Greensboro, NC when an emergency service situation has arisen.

Where Our Commercial Plumbing Pipes Are Used In Greensboro, NC

Our commercial and industrial plumbing company carries pipe and virtually any other supplies a highly skilled master plumber would need to repair a problem necessary to get one of the following facilities fully functional again:

  • Schools and universities
  • Hotels
  • Medical facilities
  • Grocery stores or shopping centers
  • Laboratories
  • Apartment complexes
  • Office buildings
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Government institutions, including prisons

Our company, Pump, Pipe, Sales & Service, was initially founded to serve the commercial plumbing supplies needs of greater Piedmont Triad area businesses nearly forty years ago. Our company has grown over those 40 years without sacrificing our commitment to offering our corporate customers the highest-quality commercial plumbing pipes in Greensboro and attentive service. So, whether you're looking for "commercial pipe & supply near me in Greensboro, NC," or you have similar needs elsewhere in the southeastern U.S., we're confident we can meet them at PSI, Inc.

Choosing the Best Commercial Plumbing Pipe Type for Your Project

If you are a business looking for commercial pipe & supply near me, then rest assured our Greensboro-area company can exceed your expectations.

While most commercial plumbing projects once called for the use of lead piping here in North Carolina, times have changed. There are now various commercial plumbing pipes options to choose from, each with its own pros and cons. Here's a rundown of some of the commercial plumbing pipes varieties we carry in stock in our Greensboro store that we can quickly deliver or arrange to ship to you:

Within each category above, there are also various subtypes of commercial plumbing pipes options, each of which we also offer here at Pump, Pipe, Sales & Service at our Greensboro warehouse. Some examples include:

  • Plastic Pipe and Tubing: Options we maintain in stock include PVC schedule 40 pipe, PVC schedule 80 pipe, PEX tubing, pressure pipe, and drainage pipe.
  • Carbon Steel Pipe and Tubing: Our offerings include seamless pipe, black pipe, schedule 40 pipe, schedule 80 pipe, and plain end pipe.

Additional commercial plumbing pipes and tubing options we carry include corrugated metal, aluminum, concrete, ductile iron, and cast iron soil varieties.

Choosing the right piping for your commercial plumbing project is key, as making the wrong choice can be costly. Our Greensboro, NC, commercial plumbing supply shop, PSI, Inc., can help you decide which option is best for your needs.

Factors That Affect the Commercial Plumbing Pipe Choices You Make

As you're well aware, commercial plumbing pipes generally carry fluids from one area to the next within or around a Greensboro building. Various factors, including the following, will dictate the commercial plumbing supplies and piping choices you make:

  • Purpose: Whether fresh water, irrigation runoff or backflow, or sewage, for example, will be running through the pipes and whether they need to be flexible dictates what type of pipes your company uses for your project.
  • Location and conditions: Will your pipes be subjected to extreme hot or cold temperatures? Is there a corrosion risk? Is there high ultraviolet (UV) exposure where you're at? These are just some factors that may affect the commercial pipe choices you need for your operations.

While it would be ideal if commercial plumbing pipes of varying materials in Greensboro, NC were interchangeable, that's often not the case. It can be helpful for you to share how you plan to use your piping with us here at Pump, Pipes, Sales & Service. This insight will allow our experienced professionals to provide feedback on the pipe and commercial plumbing supplies that may be best for your North Carolina piping project.

Other Piping-Related Essentials We Carry

Aside from carrying an extensive inventory of commercial plumbing pipes here at Pump, Pipe, Sales & Service in Greensboro, NC, we also sell everything you would ever need to carry out any size commercial plumbing or drainage job, including:

  • Stainless steel toilet supply lines
  • Various types of hubs, including sanitary tee hubs, long sweep elbow hubs, and coupling hubs
  • Pumps
  • Sinks or faucets, including commercial lavatory faucets and institutional lavatories
  • Fittings and flanges, including copper, stainless steel, and brass ones
  • Carriers and fixture supports
  • Trap and supply covers
  • Various types of valves, including flush valves, butterfly valves, and foot/knee valves
  • Commercial toilets and urinals and related parts, including flushometers
  • Faucet repair and drain parts
  • Spindle assemblies
  • Rough plumbing supplies
  • Various types of drains, including adjustable floor drains, roof drains, and adjustable drains
  • Pipe and tubing tools
  • Drain cleaning and jetting equipment
  • Solids interceptors

The commercial plumbing supplies listed above are only a sampling of the thousands of different products we offer from top-notch brands to meet your new installation or repair needs at Pump, Pipe, Sales & Service.

While we don't offer commercial plumbing services, we certainly know the industry as a team of veteran licensed plumbers ourselves. We offer the supplies and equipment that any professional plumber would need to get any job done, no matter whether it's a new construction project needing sewer or water pipes put in, or there's an existing building needing commercial plumbing supplies for repairs big and small.

Are you curious if we have the pipe options you need to help you make any necessary fixes to address any plumbing problems you may encounter? Give our commercial pipe and supply store in Greensboro a call.

So, if you're looking for commercial pipe & supply near me, look no further than our local plumbing supply store here in Greensboro. Call our commercial plumbing pipes store, Pump, Pipe, Sales & Service, to discuss your Greensboro, NC project needs.