HP Storm Drainage Pipe Double Walled

If you're working on a storm drainage project, consider using high-performance (HP) polypropylene (PP) pipe. HP storm pipe is an example of this. It's often used for stormwater drainage projects because it's durable, capable of withstanding a steady flow of water and other fluids, with a long service life, yet lightweight for ease of maneuvering during the installation process. These features, and many more, which we'll discuss below, make this type of storm drain pipe a popular choice among project managers. Contact Pump, Pipe, Sales & Service in Greensboro for help in securing this highly sought-after HP drainage storm pipe, any PVC molded fittings, or any other plumbing supplies you may need.

Why Is Polypropylene Pipe Ideal for Storm Drainage Projects?

This type of HP pipe is often the go-to choice for dispersing stormwater through a gravity flow process because they're formulated to have a dual-wall using the latest polypropylene resin technology that adheres to or exceeds national standards as far as diverse applications and superior reliability are concerned.

Advantages Associated with HP Storm Dual Wall Pipe

There are a few reasons why large-scale plumbing project professionals like yourself may want to consider using HP storm pipe over piping options on the market, including:

  • These dual-walled storm drainage pipes feature a corrugated exterior structural wall and a smooth interior wall
  • The Manning's value of the high-performance polypropylene pipe is 0.012, which is particularly smooth, which enhances the already superior flow capacity these pipes can handle
  • When compared to your typical plastic pipe options, these storm drainage pipes are an estimated 100% stiffer, which means it offers a longer service life (100 years) compared to inferior drainage piping options
  • PP pipes are stiffer than plastic pipe options, meaning they're sturdier and likely to last longer -- especially as far as joint integrity is concerned
  • The durability of this HP storm drainage pipe has built-in protection should installations or loading go awry during the construction process
  • These PP pipes are considered lightweight, thus resulting in an easier construction loading and installation process and less costly delivery than other drainage piping options
  • Polypropylene pipes like these are an ideal substitution when one might otherwise use concrete pipes for their rigidity, such as in the case of a culvert, especially where the integrity of the surrounding soil could affect the service life of the selected storm pipe per this NC State University report
  • The polypropylene material HP storm drainage pipe is made from can withstand consistent contact with abrasive materials, such as chemical substances, and fluctuations in temperatures

These storm pipes are 20 feet long and come in a wide range of diameter sizes, including anywhere from 12 to 60 inches (12-60"), one of which is sure to meet your needs, such as applications in the industries below.

Government-Approved HP Storm Drain Pipe 

Polypropylene pipe has been approved for use in a wide range of applications by government regulatory agencies, including:

  • The Department of Transportation (DOT), both on a state and federal level
  • HP drainage storm pipe complies with or exceeds American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) M330 and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F2881 specifications
  • Has been approved for storm drainage when run under railroad lines as per American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) regulations
  • Has been authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for use in culverts and storm drains per its Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5370-10G (which is the Standards for Specifying Construction of Airports) and under pavements in airfields as outlined in Item D-701
  • Has received the Unified Facilities Guide Specifications Section 33 40 00 Army Corps of Engineers approval

Pump, Pipe, Sales & Service in Greensboro Can Help You Get the Polypropylene Pipe Materials You Need

Aside from the HP storm dual-wall pipe we sell at Pump, Pipe, Sales & Service, we can also secure any ASTM D3212-compliant extended bell and spigot joint with proven watertight capabilities. As you're likely aware, these pipes are able to ensure a water-tight joint performance per ASTM D3212 when an extended reinforced integral bell and a gasketed spigot are utilized as the joining system. Additionally, PVC molded fittings, repair couplers, and tap connections can be cut into these PP pipes, which enhances its flexibility for a wide range of storm drain applications.

We can also help you locate related items to help you complete your storm drainage project effectively and on time. So, reach out to us by phone or email right away. We deliver HP storm pipe locally in Greensboro, virtually anywhere in North Carolina, and to many locations throughout the southeast. 

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